Gavin Marck
Gavin Marck

Gavin Marck

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Personal Trainer

Strength Training/Weight Loss

Gavin is a CFES Certified Trainer offering a variety of training styles and sessions. Gavin is also a film writer and working actor but is backed by long history in strength training, sports conditioning and athletic performance dating back over 20 years.

During this time he’s trained with everyone from actors and stunt guys to stay at home moms and older populations just trying to manage their injuries. Gavin is honest and transparent when it comes to questions and concerns, and creates custom programs to meet your needs.

Strength training has changed Gavin’s life and has given him multiple opportunities in acting and modelling. He wants his clients to reap the rewards exercise has to offer and is especially passionate about helping individuals hesitant about stepping into the gym because he knows what it feels like.

Why choose us?

Reason one

At Grindhouse, we know what it’s like to feel out of shape and exhausted all the time. We know what it’s like to walk into a gym and feel uncomfortable and out of place.

Reason two

We know what it’s like to feel like you don’t have the money for a personal trainer. We also know all these feelings can be overcome with the right team, and when it comes to money, there’s no one better to invest your money into than yourself.

Invest in yourself

How long have you been working out on your own? Are you constantly getting injured? Are you wasting time? Do you feel unmotivated? It’s time to invest in yourself.

Its not a gym, Its a culture

When you join our club you join our family. We are a one stop shop for all your lifestyle needs.